Yoga group


As an energetic and playful human myself, I recognize the power of laughter. Sometimes life takes us down a road sideways and we can either fight to stand up straight, or look at things from another angle, it's usually all about perspective. Seeing things from another view often opens our eyes to new opportunities. Allowing ourselves the freedom to play and take chances can lead us to where we want to be.


Creativity is a powerful tool. Discovering what fills us with joy can be the most freeing experience. Everyone is different and therefore requires a different blend of approaches. Together I work with each client to determine what areas in their life they desire to make changes to and we decide together how to tackle the project.


Taking a step always takes us somewhere. Moving is momentum. Action is the energy you are creating in your life. By thinking about change and visiting this site you are taking an action step towards the life you desire. Each of us has the potential to create the world we want to live in, its a matter of pushing through fear and other blocks to reach our full potential.