"Dear Seeker,

Hey, I see you. Your curiosity brought you here. Maybe you are searching for answers, truth, or trying to become your authentic self but fear keeps pulling you back. Perhaps you are in the midst of a huge life transition, just ended a relationship, or are feeling sturdy enough to explore some uncharted territory within you. Whatever it is, all questions that spark growth are welcome. Sit quietly, and ask yourself, "what is it that I truly want?". You may know right away, or it may require some space to become more clear. There are no right or wrong answers. My only request is that you be curious too. Have fun and enjoy the journey."

- a.h.k.

"You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don't make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can't take their eyes off of you." - Maya Angelou

About Adrienne:

Adrienne Kerrigan is a passionate coach, mentor, writer, entrepreneur, and general mover and shaker. Adrienne began her coaching practice in 2014 after having worked in various women's residential treatment programs for eating disorders in the Boston area since 2009. Adrienne is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF). Adrienne completed her Master's degree in Health Education and Eating Disorders from Plymouth State University in 2013. Adrienne brings her life experience, clinical experience, and education to her coaching practice. 

"I am a licensed mental health counselor specializing in the treatment of eating disorders. I have known Adrienne for several years and always heard from the professional community that she was a knowledgeable, personable, and collaborative professional. Her skill set is useful beyond the helping professions and would be beneficial to anyone who is looking to gain confidence, empowerment, and clarity. Adrienne was very warm, engaging, and had a calming presence. She gently pushed me to reconsider some unhelpful beliefs and patterns I had been operating with. Together we identified some areas of growth I could focus on, and she even had some very practical and tangible tools and skills I could utilize to develop. I left our session feeling empowered and motivated. Thank you Adrienne!"    -Anonymous

"After receiving supervision from Adrienne in a work environment, it was an almost inevitable transition for her to become my mentor as she is a true nurturer. Adrienne continuously inspires me. Having seen her work directly with clients, peers, and staff, it is clear that Adrienne emits a consistently positive energy that is well-received by others. She encourages me to grow in every aspect out of her genuine care for my success. Adrienne is extremely invested in her work and time with others. Rather than approach any situation with a "one size fits all" attitude, Adrienne provides patient guidance to every individual she works with and always takes the edge off with her great sense of humor." - Melissa